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Defend, Evolve, Discover

Step into a hidden world of elemental creatures as you unleash an arsenal of spells to defend against waves of enemies.

Discover new powers and allies as you journey to seal the rift and stop a mysterious enemy from invading the land.


In Riftbound you must defend against waves of enemies, overcome challenges, and defeat the enemy champions that stand between you and your mission to seal the rift.


Summon elementals into the battle and evolve them into mighty defenders capable of defeating large waves of enemies!


Discover new powers from the five elemental trees.  Plan your strategy and choose which spells & elementals to take into battle.


What is Riftbound?

Riftbound is a lane defense game for PC (and other platforms) where you summon elemental creatures and cast spells to defeat waves of enemies and stop them from reaching the end of the lane.

The game is in development and planned for a Q1 2022 release.

What are the inspirations for the game?

Riftbound was primarily inspired by games like Plants vs Zombies, Tapper & Pokémon, but also takes influence from some aspects of ARPG games like Diablo for some enemy encounters.  So if you are looking for games like Plants vs Zombies on PC, then keep an eye on this game!

What platforms will Riftbound be on?

Initial launch is planned for PC, and additional platforms will be announced after release.

Will there be accessibility options?

Yes!  We take accessibility in games seriously and want to ensure that the game can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.  The game will include a range of accessibility and comfort options that take Auditory, Visual, Cognitive, Dyslexia and Mobility accessibility into consideration.

How can I keep up to date or get involved?

The best way to keep up to date is to sign-up to the newsletter for updates.  We are planning to launch a discord server and will notify everyone once that is ready.