Barrel Smash Studios Pty Ltd
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release Date

12 May 2022


Windows PC (via Steam)

Game Website


Press/Business Contact

[email protected]

The Team

Louisa Thomas

Co-Lead / Founder, Lead Artist

James Thomas

Co-Lead /Founder, Lead Programmer


Summon your elementals and evolve into mighty defenders as you unleash an arsenal of spells to hold off waves of enemies, all on your epic journey to seal the rift and crush the undead invaders. Choose your spells & ready your upgrades - it's time to go elemental!

Play through a light hearted story campaign as you adventure through an Enchanted Forest and beyond the Snowcap Mountains, defending the land against an advancing threat and using the heart of the forest to seal the Dark Rift.


  • Summon characters from the five elements into battle
  • Evolve your characters to make them more powerful
  • Unleash spells to crush your enemies
  • Defend against waves of increasingly powerful enemies
  • Battle tough enemy captains in overcharged boss fights
  • Campaign story takes you across a large range of environments
  • Customize your battle strategy with more 20 spells and 30 upgrades

Riftbound History

Riftbound started development in 2019 where we created a fun prototype of a wave defense game involving the elements.  Through lots of experimentation and testing, we landed on a design that worked will in a 3D setting and would allow us to create thematic and interesting stylized environments where the battles would take place.  Harnessing the concept of elements and magic, we created an interesting cast of evolving elemental characters that would allow for interesting challenges and strategies for tower defense players.

About the company

Barrel Smash Studios is a small studio of two people with complimentary skills, a love of gaming and a history of game modding.