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Barrel Smash Studios Pty Ltd
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release Date

Launch: 12 May 2022
Expansion: 9 May 2023


Windows PC (via Steam)

Game Website

Press/Business Contact

[email protected]

The Team

Louisa Thomas

Co-Lead / Founder, Lead Artist

James Thomas

Co-Lead /Founder, Lead Programmer


Riftbound is an action-packed strategy roguelite, with deckbuilding elements and permanent progression. Summon elementals and evolve into mighty defenders as you unleash an arsenal of spells to hold off waves of enemies, all on your epic journey to seal the rift and crush the undead invaders. 


  • Summon characters from the five elements into battle
  • Evolve your characters to make them more powerful
  • Unleash spells to crush your enemies
  • Defend against waves of increasingly powerful enemies
  • Battle tough enemy captains in overcharged boss fights
  • Game Modes including roguelite and endless modes
  • Customize your battle strategy with more than 120 spells and upgrades


Riftbound started development in 2019 and was first released to steam in May 2022. After a long period of post-release development, the game was expanded with two new game modes and a large amount of content to be released as an anniversary update one year later, in May 2023.

While some inspirations for the game are quite obivous (from the lane defense and tower defense genre), some less obvious inspirations are from the action RPG and RTS genres, with some of the core features aiming to be a condensed experience from those genres.

About the company

Barrel Smash Studios is a small studio of two people with complimentary skills, a love of gaming and a history of game modding.